CherryBets offers an easy to use free service for football betting.
Each weekend (sometimes midweek as well if there are sufficient fixtures), we will publish our list of ‘ratings’ for various football betting markets.

The ratings are uploaded as Google Sheets, from here anyone can simply filter and sort them as they wish.
Whilst the ratings are based on Decimal Odds (i.e. the lower the rating, the higher the chance) it is important to understand these are not odds to be placed on a value basis.

I’ll stick some screenshots here when I get a chance but for now, here’s a rough idea of how I use them.

The markets available are:
Home Win
Away Win
Over 1.5 Goals
Over 2.5 Goals
0-0 Correct Score
1-0 Correct Score
0-1 Correct Score
2-2 Correct Score

To show the most likely outcome for each of these, simply click at the top of the column for the market you wish to look at and choose Sort A > Z (this simply sorts the numbers from low to high).

Unfortunately the time column isn’t auto-populated (I use data from football-data which doesn’t come with the time of each kick off), however I add it in where it is useful and obviously you can do the same if you download or make a copy of the sheets yourself.

I try and find two or three games coming up that are starting at roughly the same time (that way you can get a combination of bets in throughout each Saturday or Sunday) and then see if they figure in any of the markets. For the weekend fixtures (say Saturday’s games) I’ll only look at the top 3 or maybe top 5 rated outcomes.
If I see one of the games has a high probability of a home win and another game has a high probably of Over 2.5 goals then I’ll stick them in a Double. I’ll also maybe do the Top two or three rated BTTS games as a Double or Treble as I enjoy that particular market.
It’s also worth looking at the other end of the odds as well as that gives you an idea of unlikely outcomes so for instance, you might see a team as being very highly rated to win but the game is very unlikely in the BTTS market, that would flag up to me a potential ‘Win To Nil’ punt.
As I said, I’ll expand on all this and put up some screenshots over th next few weeks.
The correct scores are a bit of fun really and I only ever really look at the ‘classic’ 2-2 and stick a few quid on, oviously the odds are normally quite long so winners are few and far between.
There are so many options and variants, it’s up to you how you want to play it, they probably won’t ever make us rich but they do ok and it’s good to have a bit of guidance.

A couple of notes:
Not all games are featured as I discount teams that haven’t played a full season in their current respective league.
The Draw price should be ignored, leave this market alone, I need to tweak that one.